Another member is satisfied with their EV loan! Krista Hildebrandt had some great comments to say about her week with Spark-e!

I had so much fun driving the little Spark – I called it my “meep meep” car all week since it was small, cute and zippy.  I mostly drove it around Crested Butte, from my house to the mountain where I work for CBMR Ski Patrol.  In my free time, I loaded up my dog and my cross country skis to head out for some adventure and everything fit just fine inside the EV.  Even with the cold weather, I was able to keep the car plugged in at night and fully charged for me to drive the next day.  I fully enjoyed my EV driving experience, and hope I can get one of my own someday!

If you are in GCEA's area, please give us a call to get on the loaner list!

EV Loaner Program Member Comments

GCEA's EV Program has received a lot of great feedback recently! GCEA offers community members the opportunity to drive the Chevy Spark (Spark-e) of the Nissan Leaf. This program gives people the opportunity to experience an electric vehicle in their everyday life situations.

SHAN HAYS Car borrowed – Chevy Spark Comments – It was very quiet but very peppy, and fun to drive!We were impressed how it made it up our steep driveway after the weekend snow.We are much more likely to purchase an EV, maybe as early as next year. CHRIS DACH Car borrowed – Nissan Leaf Comments – Driving the Leaf was “giggly fun!”After driving the EV for a week, I realized it’s a “must have.”I felt guilty driving a gasoline car afterwards, especially when sitting at a stoplight and starring at other cars’ tailpipes.My next car will be an EV! BRYAN GRAY Car borrowed – Nissan Leaf Comments – I was expecting it to be somewhat of a novelty, but was pleasantly surprised by how underwhelming driving an electric vehicle wa…

Thursday, October 11th 2018
Today’s travels took me up to the Crested Butte office, to pick up the Leaf and bring it back down to Gunnison for a member to borrow.I was a little nervous driving around in the snow, not knowing how the EV would handle, but it took me where I needed to go without any issues.It got me thinking about whether there are any differences in winter care between EVs and vehicles with combustion engines and if EVs need special treatment in the winter.Come to find out, they DO!Here are some tips and tricks to prolong your EV battery in the winter, while staying comfortable during your drive.
This is the single most recommended thing you should do.  If your car offers the option of setting a time to depart and warming up the battery while it's still plugged in (and most of them do), use it!
Remember, a cold battery is not nearly as efficient as a warm one. Some models even go the extra step and warm up the cabin while …
The Bolt took a trip up to Crested Butte to help shuttle the EV loaners around! We picked up Spark-e from a member and dropped off the Leaf with a member in CB South! Spark-e is getting cleaned and will get back out there with another member tomorrow! 
If you are a GCEA member and interested in loaning out Spark-e or the Leaf call GCEA at 970-641-3520. 
If you would like to test drive the Bolt  stop by the Gunnison Headquarters or call 970-641-3520.

Flashy Bolt

The Chevy Bolt recently got a flashy new wrap! Thanks to Tri-State Generation & Transmission and Sign Guys for bringing our design to life! Come take the Bolt for a demo drive with one of our employees!


Thursday, May 17, two employees took the Bolt on a trip to Lake City to pick-up the Nissan Leaf a member had been driving for the week! Gunnison to Lake City is about 55 miles. Gunnison's elevation is 7,700 and Lake City sits at 8,661. There was an elevation gain of 961 on the way to Lake City. We started the trip from the Gunnison Headquarters with an estimated range of 232 miles. When we arrived in Lake City there was an estimated range of 161. We arrived back at the Gunnison Headquarters with an estimated range of approximately 136 miles. No charge was necessary in Lake City! How awesome is that! The Leaf made it back to Gunnison with a little bit of range left as well. The Leaf did need a full charge before heading back to Gunnison. The weather was beautiful and did not play a factor in range.
Come demo drive the Bolt at the Gunnison Headquarters or loan the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Spark for a week!

GCEA's Electric Vehicle Story


As some of you might know, over the past couple years, Gunnison County Electric Association in Gunnison, Colorado developed an electric vehicle (EV) program. In 2015 we started providing public EV charging. In 2016, GCEA bought a used 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV (Spark-e) to provide a driving experience for members. Studies suggest that exposure to electric vehicles increases acceptance. Over the last two years, GCEA introduced the electric vehicle concept by sharing the Chevy Spark within the local communities. We held an EV rally, attended the local car show and simply drove it around town.  Our most recent idea, and as a way to further introduce and educate people about EVs, is to loan Spark-e out for a week at a time. This has been such a hit with our members that there is a waiting list. 

In March of 2018, GCEA bought a 2018 Chevy Bolt to continue growing the electric vehicle program. The Bolt program will be different from our Spark-e program because we will only give test dri…